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Pasqualini Luca, Manfredi Arnoldo Nicola
Papyrus Pascalini - The true story of the Pascalini Papyrus

Reggio Emilia, Mavida, 2015, 4° at leporello, p. 22 plus 6 pages of the story attached, Garaldus lead text, papyrus paper and ivory Arcoprint, with faux leather cover, paperback, 17 color woodcuts by Luca Pasqualini, edition of 25 numbered copies signed in colophon by the artist. The first eight copies contain the seventeen woodcuts on free sheet in envelopes. The tale of N. A. Manfredi, which tells the story of the papyrus, is dedicated to Khaled al-Asaad, the guardian of Palmyra murdered by the Taliban.