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Song of Songs

Reggio Emilia, Cento Amici del Libro, 1996, 4° (26,5x36 cm), lead text in Garaldus font, color lithographs by Aldo Salvadori, 7 full page plus one on the cover, 6 in text, specially made paper in color and uncut from Cartiera Sicars of Catania, cover in Amatruda paper, in free sheets, editorial box by Giovanni Codina. Edition of one hundred copies in Arabic numerals ad personam plus XXX in Roman numerals, entirely made by design, composition and printing of texts and images on the hand presses of the Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi. In addition to the beautiful lithographs by Salvadori, which he signed in colophon, the text is also accompanied by a comment by Monsignor Gianfranco Ravasi, to whom we owe the translation.