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Michon Pierre
Rimbaud the son

LE STORIE: a series of novels, short tales or even different prose, not in a numbered edition and on handmade paper as traditionally were the Mavida editions and today those of the Laboratorio, but which, like those, did not give up the presence of images, whether they were engravings, lithographs or photographs. The volumes of this series enriched with engravings included a head edition of 20 - 30 copies numbered in Arabic numerals (plus X in Roman numerals reserved for collaborators) which were placed inside an elegant box together with the original engravings, numbered and signed in pencil by the artists. However, it was not a real series of illustrated books, but a series of volumes enriched with illustrations, the purpose of which was to continue a form of publishing that seems increasingly relegated to high-quality editions intended for pure and simple collecting. Particular attention, in the case of books that come from foreign literatures, was given to the quality of the translation, to the point that we had thought of including in the cover flaps, in addition to the biographical note of the author of the book and the artist who created the illustrations, also that of the translator, convinced that enough is never done to qualify this difficult and essential profession in the eyes of readers.

The covers of the volumes of this series are in Fabriano Tiziano Lama paper; the interior in Arcoprint Edizioni paper by Fedrigoni; the size is cm. 15x21 and the title page printed in two colors (black and red). The first volume won the 12th Gianfranco Fedrigoni National Award 2005.

Series LE STORIE n ° 1, Reggio Emilia, Mavida Edizioni, 2005, 8°, pp. 110, translation by Maurizio Ferrara, with five etchings by Isabella Branella (ISBN 978-88-368-0940-0).