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Vincieri Stefano, Busonero Federico
On every laid stone

Gibraltar, Arllys Edition; Reggio Emilia, Mavida Edizioni, 2017, 8°, pp. 19, lead text Italian and English in Garamond, translation by Daniela Sandid, Hahne Muhle paper for texts and photographs, free sheets in editorial box. Edition of 18 copies, 15 numbered and 3 hc.

The artist's book On every laid stone is the result of a collaboration, through Arllys Edition and Mavida Edizioni, between the photographer Federico Busonero and the poet Stefano Vincieri. The portfolio, printed in hand-set type at  Laboratorio Fratelli Manfredi, contains 15 poems, in Italian and English, and 15 original, numbered and signed photographs, in 18 x 18 cm format, chosen by the poet from the sequence of The land that remains by F. Busonero.