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Roberto Roversi, 8 GLIOMMERI, in fourth large (37,5x28 cm), old and well produced Magnani veiled paper, pp. 40 in free sheets, with Roversi's eight unpublished gliòmmeri accompanied by as many graphic works by some of the most important Italian engraving artists of today (Gianni Verna, Raffaello Margheri, Laura Stor, Maurizio Boiani, Ezio Camorani, Nella Piantà, Stefano Grasselli, Isabella BranellaI). Of which seven full page, only one in the center for technical reasons. The "illustrations" form a sort of specimen of the main graphic techniques, from the most ancient (woodcut) to the most modern (lithography). The texts in turn are a very interesting compendium of Roversi's poetics. They are preceded by a writing by Marzio Dall'acqua and Marco Fiori and an explanatory note by Antonio Bagnoli. The circulation will be about forty copies, for the subscribers the caption will be inserted in the antiporta: copy for ..... On the cover there will be an engraving by a ninth artist, Agim Sako. The entire volume is printed in lead and with hand presses.